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CRISTIANA MASI wallcoverings of exclusive design (Italy)

The company PARATO srl is situated in Italian town Aprilia. This company was born for a personal initiative of Mario Masi,a businessman who started to work in the field of wallpapers production since 1985.
Now, Italian manufacturer PARATO srl produces the high quality wallpapers with exclusive designs under the brand name CRISTIANA MASI. CRISTIANA MASI is the collection of vinyl wallpapers on paper base, simulating the textile, tapestry covers and jam silk.

CRESTRON – integrated systems for remote monitoring and control systems (smart home) of Crestron Electronics, Inc. (USA)

The U.S. company Crestron Electronics, Inc. develops and manufactures the integrated systems for remote monitoring and control systems (“smart home”). This is the equipment that provides a decent level of comfort which allows you to automate any premise by management systems. These systems can control lighting, ventilation, climate, video surveillance, security, shutters, blinds, doors, projection screens, etc. At the same time the management is carried out remotely from anywhere in the room through the pocket panels, wired and wireless keypads, touch screens. Control and management is performed by control processor using the special software and interface units that provide interfacing with standard devices. You can control you home even from your iPad, iPhone or Mac.

COSTER automation for HVAC plants (Italy)

Company COSTER was founded in 1967 by the group of engineers and professionals who have worked in the field of ground and airborne electronic equipment for satellites and rockets. These original developments have initiated a new approach, which gave the highest level of quality in the field of comfort in everyday life.
Today, COSTER presents more than 1,000 names of products from domestic gas detection systems to the remote control as well as the team of highly skilled professionals more than 100 people. Continue reading

COPRENYL anti-corrosive vinyl-acrylic compositions (Germany)

BERGOLIN Gmbh is one of the leading German manufacturers of special materials to protect structures from corrosion and aggressive environment, as well as self-leveling floors.

COMMAX – video surveillance system (South Korea)

Company Commax Co., Ltd was founded in 1968 and today the company is one of the largest suppliers of security systems for home and office. The most famous are video intercoms under the brand name Commax: DPV-4HP, DPV-4MEN, DPV-4MT, DPV-4STN, DPV-4KE, DP-201R.

COMMAX products: home network and automation, multi-entry, video phone, door-phone, interphone, intercom, hospital system, PA- system, security

COLOREX – paint products (Sweden)

Swedish company Colorex Sweden AB works at the market more than 50 years. It was founded in 1948 and engaged in the production of paints for indoor and outdoor use. All Colorex paints are designed in own research centres, based on the best traditions of Swedish quality.

Colorex Sweden AB is one of the fastest growing Swedish companies. In 1986 the company built a new factory and started the program of radical modernization of production in connection with problems of the “new” time, which made the process of production of paints as an effective and safe for the environment. In 2000 it began a new phase of technological re-equipment. Due to the own investment in the development, the company acquired in 2001, Scala Farg Industry AB and the position at the Scandinavian market had been strengthened.

Colorex products: clear varnishes, enamel paints, wall and ceiling paints, exterior house paints, floor paints

COBBLESTONE PAVING – floor coverings, decorative and industrial materials for walls and facades, street pavements, hardeners for concrete floors from Cobblestone Paving Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)

Company Cobblestone Paving Australia Pty Ltd is a leading global manufacturer of materials for decorative flooring, as well as for walls and facades decoration, street pavements. All materials are easy to apply and allow making surface strength, exceeding the original strength of concrete in the 1.5 – 2 times. The use of special stamps, templates and wide range of colors can give a surface appearance that simulates almost any coverage – from wood and ceramic tiles to cobblestone and marble.

CLIPSO – stretch ceilings (Switzerland)

CLIPSO seamless ceilings were invented in 1997 in France and it have been patented in Europe in 2000 as an alternative to traditional time-consuming drywall. Today, the main office is located in Switzerland.
Clipso textile impregnated pass mode, pressing, drying and calendering. The canvas is made of polyester, uniformly impregnated with a special mixture containing polymer and dye.
Clipso textile in 15-20 times stronger than PVC film. The main property – the canvas has the property of shrinking by a factor of 1.2 times.
Textile differs clearly graphic quality and uniformity of pattern weaving knitting the front and reverse side. A special system of longitudinal and lateral adjustment of the tension in the production of textile allows for the necessary uniform web tension. The fabric breathes, but does not pass water. Both decorative and functional, Clipso coverings are available in classic, acoustic, translucent, antibacterial, dirt-repellent and water-repellent.

CLIPSAL – Smart Home systems and intelligent buildings of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd (Australia, United Kingdom)

Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1907 in Australia by Alfred Gerard. Starting as a small Australian company, already in a few years it presented at the market the products of such quality and variety that has become a corporation, with more than 40% market share in Asia and Australia. At this moment, Clipsal produces about 50 000 kinds of electrical products in its factories in over 25 countries. The turnover of corporations is billions of dollars. Continue reading

CIRCUTOR electrical tools and measuring equipment (Spain)

CIRCUTOR GRUP is a leading European company to develop and manufacture equipment for analysis and optimization of electric networks 220/380.

In particular, the company produces:

- electrical energy efficiency equipment;
- measurement and control;
- industrial electric protection;
- quality and metering and power factor compensation;
-  harmonic filtering